Mold Boxes

Mold Junction Box

Allied Instrument Service manufactures premium custom built mold junction boxes to your specifications. We pay attention to every detail. Components are chosen based on our customer’s application requirements. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Allied Multi Zone Junction Box

Custom mold junction boxes can be made to fit any application. We can build a junction box to work with any system that you have, Husky, Mold Masters, Moldflow, Incoe, and DME to name a few. All junction boxes feature clearly marked terminal blocks and Name tags for ease of use and installation. 

Allied -Amphenol Junction Box

If you have a mold with a high zone count we can use Amphenol connectors to reduce the size of the box and allow for maximum zone coverage. Mold boxes of 109 zones have been manufactured. Name tags on each connector allow for quick installation of cables